SPEED: Strategic Purchasing & Efficient Evaluation Domain

Registration should be completed at least 48 hours before a bid submission is due.

Contact: Contract Administration & Procurement | pgcprocurement@co.pg.md.us

Registration Assistance

Ariba manages and is the technical support for the SPEED platform. Since SPEED is a part of the Ariba Network, Ariba provides support to suppliers similar to that provided to end-users – they can advise suppliers on standard functionality. You must be registered as an Ariba Supplier to respond to a County solicitation. To register, visit https://service.ariba.com/Supplier.aw/125040069/aw?awh=r&awssk=j76lDPm9&dard=1

Call 1-866-218-2155 for toll-free assistance.

Supplier Support is accessible from the supplier login screen by clicking on the “?” menu to open the Help Center frame, and clicking on “Support”. Supplier support via phone is available from Sunday 8 pm EST through Friday 8 pm EST. To contact SAP Ariba’s end-user support, select the “Get help by phone” option on the Support tab.

To obtain assistance, please visit the help link.

Want to Setup a Meeting?

Are you a vendor seeking an opportunity to meet with Contracts Administration and Procurement? We have established Vendor Day just for you.

Vendor Day is an outreach effort to afford vendors an opportunity to meet with County staff and introduce their company to the County. Vendor Day provides the Vendor a set time (not to exceed an hour) and date to perform a demonstration of their company’s capability/capacity or to ask questions about “How to Win Business with the County”. This is an informal meeting with a member of Supplier Development and Diversity Division (SD3), Contracts Administration and Procurement (CAP), and a representative of the relevant County Agency.

To schedule a meeting, please submit your request and questionnaire using the vendor meeting request form.

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