Speed for Agencies & Departments

No. Agencies will enter all request for contracting through the SPEED platform.

Yes. Once agencies have all ARC documents, they are uploaded in the SPEED platform for workflow approvals.

Agencies will continue to enter shopping carts in SAP as before. SPEED changes the way the County handles sourcing(solicitations), contracting, and the ARC process.

If technical assistance is needed, you may contact OCSITUnit@co.pg.md.us. If you require assistance with submitting requests to Procurement, please contact the Contract Administration and Procurement office at PGCProcurement@co.pg.md.us or by calling 301.883.6400. Additionally, you may contact your agency's Contract Services Supervisor.

Additionally, SAP Ariba Support is available to assist end users with standard Ariba functionality (not specific to the County’s processes) and is accessible from within Ariba’s Help Center function. You may be able to access the Help Center function once you have established your Ariba account.

Electronic procurement, commonly known as eProcurement, is the automation and management of the procurement process. It involves creating a shopping environment that is intuitive and enhances the overall procurement experience.s

SPEED is an SAP Ariba product that offers online strategic sourcing and contracting capabilities to enhance the procurement process. This cloud-based platform offers a digitized and simplified end-to-end procurement workflow in an integrated solution to drive consistency and efficiency. SPEED identifies qualified suppliers through the integrated Ariba platform to improve bid competitiveness.

This cloud-based solution not only helps locate suppliers and get a price, but also define and execute supplier selection, and create contracts that connect to actual savings.

SPEED access will be granted by OCS. A completed Access Form will be required. You may access this form from the OCS Intranet Website or by emailing OCSITUnit@co.pg.md.us.

Transforming our business process is an important part of an overall strategy for automating business services, which will reduce costs and result in more efficiency. The SPEED platform will result in faster procurement processing times and make it easier to navigate the procurement process. Access will be available to all sourcing and contracting opportunities, including the new ARC process, which will reduce procurement lead times.